Hand Quilting

The goal of hand quilting is to produce even stitches over your quilt. By even I mean that the stitches are the same length and the same distance apart. There are lots of great books showing hand-quilting methods. If you are good with instructional books this is a great way to learn. If not join a class or get an experienced hand quilter to demonstrate the stitch. Remember it will take practise before you will become comfortable with this stitch. Be prepared to be challenged but if you persevere you will succeed. Don’t quit or you won’t be a quilter.

When you start to hand quilt it is important to begin on a plain coloured fabric, which has been marked with your quilting design. Do not make the mistake of choosing a print fabric to begin with. Use a marking tool that does not rub off to mark your quilting pattern. It’s best to start off with straight lines and then gradually go to curves.

If you are going to use a quilting hoop or PVC plastic quilting frame make sure that the widest part of the hoop is not longer than the distance between your wrist and elbow. If it is it’s too big.

If you are interested in examining others quilting here is a chart to let you know how proficient the quilter was.

Stiches per Inch Quilter Skill Level
6 average quilter
8 accomplished quilter
10 expert quilter
more than 10 amazing quilter!

My stitches fall in the 8 per inch slot. I still have some room for improvement too!