Marking Tools for Hand Quilting

The most important thing to remember is that any mark you make on your quilt top needs to be removable. Be sure to check the label of the quilt marker before you use it. Never iron over any of your marks or this may permanently set the mark onto your fabric. You will find that a single marker will not do the job for all fabrics. Naturally a light coloured marker will show up on dark fabrics and a dark marker will show on light fabrics. Practically nothing will show up on a busy multi coloured print.

Some quilters avoid the blue washable markers claiming that over time the residue of the product will eat a hole in your fabric or leave a brown mark. I have never seen any proof of this claim but be aware of it. Don’t use the purple fading markers unless you plan to have that quilting done within a few hours, the marks will fade that quickly. If you use a lead pencil the marks will not come out.